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Lingerie Store Employees Have To Wear Cup Size Tags

Category: Lingerie news November 3rd, 2011
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Sometimes companies go too far to please their customers. A Swedish branch of a Scandinavian lingerie chain has made its female employees who serve buyers wear cup size tags during work. This decision literally infuriated some of the employees. Ladies believe it is humiliating to reveal such information to everyone who enters the store.

One anonymous employee commented:

We have dirty old men coming into the shop looking at my cup size. Why should everyone get to know that? Guys selling underwear don’t have to show their size.”

According to the Commercial Employees’ Union the question is whether displaying this information is mandatory or not. Susann Haglund, CEO of the store Change, said wearing these tags was offered by employees themselves and intended to help customers see what this or that cup size could look on a certain body type. However, one of the former employees claimed the tags were mandatory when she began to work at the store.

She said:

You receive a document which states that ‘name tag with size is always worn,’ so to me that doesn’t reflect that it was voluntary. It isn’t great when you’re out on town and people greet you with your name and cup size.”

If you want my opinion, it’s really NOT acceptable to make women wear such tags. We all have lives outside the place of work, why let anyone make jokes of you?


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