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Category: Lingerie news December 1st, 2011
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If you get amazed with Russian ballet performances, then you will probably be even more amazed with autumn/winter Ballet Collection 2011-2012.

Ballet- Inspired Collection by Fred&Ginger

Nearly a century ago Sergei Diaghilev’s revolutionary campaign lifted Russian balley on a totally new level and Russian ballet school was admitted to be one of the most influential schools in the world. After that and until today, vogue on Russian ballet grew up tremendously by influencing not only cultural life but also fashion one.

Ballet- Inspired Collection by Fred&Ginger

Under the influence of Russian ballet the lingerie collection from UK luxury brand Fred&Ginger was created. By the way, Fred Astaire was Diaghilev’s artistic descendant.

Victoria Holt, Fred&Ginger founder, made a lot of effort in creating this collection in order to recreate that golden era of Russian ballet and give the lingerie the aura of that days.

Ballet- Inspired Collection by Fred&Ginger

The ballet collection includes 10 lingerie pieces, produced from Italian ultra transparent tender lace and French silk satin, decorated with real pearls and Swarowski crystal pieces. All the pieces of Fred&Ginger collection are created to accentuate all the beauty of women’s body in gentle hues of soft pink, shampagne and classical black.

Ballet- Inspired Collection by Fred&Ginger


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