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Legwear Autumn/Winter 2012 Collection by Erica M

Category: Lingerie news April 16th, 2012
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The debut legwear collection by young designer Erica M. was inspired by the revolutionary fashion of the 1920s and includes four styles: Genevieva, Nadia, Vivian and Ava.

According to Erica, the intention of the presented legwear styles “is to both combine and differentiate the professional aesthetics of the day with the summoning and bewitching appearance of the evening. The design of each style is comprised of an individualized pattern that may be slowly revealed upon its wearer specific to either her day or evening look, but also to her mindset.”

Erica explained where she got her inspiration from:

The idea to begin designing legwear stemmed from my own personal passion for the sexy look of the classic garter belt paired with legwear. I had always wanted to wear a garter, but it was honestly too time consuming and consisted of too many different pieces. I decided to create a design that consisted of all these elements into one unique style.”

She added:

This collection offers something to women that the market has not yet tapped into. The styles are chic and sophisticated for the daytime, incredibly sexy for the evening, and effortless. Legwear is a woman’s second skin, and she no longer needs multiple components in order to transform herself into a desirable, seductive woman.”

Let’s take a closer look at Erica M Legwear Autumn/Winter 2012 Collection

The Vivian

Legwear Autumn/Winter 2012 Collection by Erica M

These tights are hard not to be noticed. Quite modest from the front view, a much more dramatic perspective opens from the back view: detailed tassel, rope and feather design- everything is fastened by the ribbon.

The Ava

Legwear Autumn/Winter 2012 Collection by Erica M

Ava is the interpretation of the Vivian style. This version reveals the stockings of the thigh-high length featuring tassels, rope and feather designs both in the front and back. The rope wraps the upper part of the thigh and then climbs all the way down the leg. These stockings are implanted with the elastic thigh stay-up support that provides additional support.

The Genevieva

Legwear Autumn/Winter 2012 Collection by Erica M

This style with the ribbon design encircles the leg and then ties into a bow in the lower part of the tights. The ribbon and bow design allows the thighs slimming, while the provocative aesthetic not only emphasizes the form and silhouette, but also creates the illusion of panties.

The Nadia

Legwear Autumn/Winter 2012 Collection by Erica M

The Nadia legwear is characterized by the 20’s inspired ribbon ornament with a rope and tassel wrapped around the leg. The tights playful detail allows wearing them both in the office hiding it ribbon under the business skirt and for the seductive night look. The Nadia style provides with the impression of wearing the garter set without actual putting it on.


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