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Laura Jacobs Creative Bras

Category: Lingerie news December 23rd, 2010
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Laura Jacobs Creative Bras

Laura Ann Jacobs is an artist who specializes in bra and corset sculptures. Making these undergarments in the form of fine art Laura Jacobs uses seashells, porcelain, glass and even animal byproducts such as snakeskin to make her luxurious sculptures.

Laura Jacobs thinks the modern society is breast-obsessed and as she describes “breasts are symbols of power” for which she creates ‘temples’ – beautiful and sometimes ridiculous. In fact all of her works are masterpieces carefully handmade and put together from various materials, rare and sometimes discarded.

Laura Jacobs creative bras also bear witty names such as Pinnacle of Success or Toys Are Us. There are already over a hundred works that can be purchased from See more of Laura Jacobs Creative Bras below.

Look gorgeous in an adjustable hook strapless bra.

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