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Laura Jacobs Corsets

Category: Lingerie news December 25th, 2010
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Laura Jacobs Corsets

We’ve already featured Laura Jacobs’ works but they were bras. Today we are going to show you some stunning corsets made by this talented artist. Made of porcelain, fork and knives, mother of peals and seashells these amazing works of art embody the irony of self-made women being shaped after ‘man’s DIC-tates’.

Absolutely stunning corsets simply captivate by their intricate designs and detailing. Look at each corset and you’ll see the huge amount of work put into them. Tiny roses, crystals, glass and porcelain mosaics. One sculpture called Phone Home even has a tiny phone inside of it.

The idea behind works is that women used to change themselves with help of clothes such as corsets but now it came to changing themselves from the inside going for plastic surgeries and rib removal. Amazed by the extent to which women are ready to alter themselves Laura Jacobs was inspired to make her corset works. What do you think about Laura Jacobs’ corsetry?


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3 Responses to “Laura Jacobs Corsets”
  1. FancyLingerieStore Says:

    These corsets look beautiful but not too comfortable. (Except for the 1st one on left, that looks comfy)

  2. Jenn Medusa Says:

    Is she selling these crazy corsets? Are they wearable?

  3. Arty Says:

    Unfortunately, those are not wearable, they are art. But you can purchase one for your home, if you want to.

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