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Lady Gaga’s ultimate raw meat lingerie outfit

Category: Celebrity in lingerie, Lingerie news September 8th, 2010
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Lady Gaga's ultimate raw meat lingerie outfit
Honeys, forget about animal prints trend so fashionable this year. Even PETA described it as nothing more than outlandish. Lady Gaga’s ultimate raw meat lingerie outfit is something that Lady Gaga herself probably wouldn’t expect. It’s bloody, it’s raw and it’s controversial.

Lady Gaga is amazing as artist especially in her acoustic live sessions, jamming the piano with her foot in 20-centimeter- heels. She’s got a statement: “Not like others! Never!” The raw meat lingerie outfit for Vogue Japan cover is probably the crown of Gaga’s weird outfits collection. It’s very strange and very unpractical but, hey, it’s Lady Gaga and she can do anything she wants.

Media bursts with suggestions on what Gaga wanted to say by wearing raw meat lingerie – is she defying modern fashion trends? Is she setting up a new one? Is she portraying the modern consumer culture? Whatever the reason, even if she just wanted to do a weird-even-for-Gaga thing she looks pretty good in the photo. Red definitely suits her, however such a waste of food. Meat and Gaga-lovers will definitely be amused or will join PETA on that matter.

Anyway the raw meat steaks were sewn together in some sort of bikini or probably teddy and it’s just ridiculous. It’s hard to call it art, fashion or anything like that but we certainly can ponder over the meaning behind this photoshoot if our aesthetic essence is not thrilled by it.

The Vogue Japan comes with an issue of Japanese Men’s Vogue with Lady Gaga’s alter ego photoshoot Jo Calderone. That’s an interesting twist. Discuss Lady Gaga’s ultimate raw meat lingerie outfit, tell us what you think!


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2 Responses to “Lady Gaga’s ultimate raw meat lingerie outfit”
  1. The Wrinkle Cream Girl Says:

    Lady Gaga takes a lot of flack for being too risque, You have to give her credit for creating a brand out of herself.

  2. fashion Says:

    Awesome work! Keep posting good material.

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