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“La Perla: Lingerie & Desire” Book To Be Released To Celebrate Brand’s 60th Anniversary

Category: Lingerie news October 18th, 2012
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La Perla is acknowledged for its luxurious, sexy, and beautifully designed and crafted lingerie. Marketing and a good presentation were very essential for La Perla, and over the past 60 years the company involved some of the world’s best photographers to create memorable, lasting portraits of its luxurious garments. So, La Perla’s marketing campaigns and collections alike are usually several notches above anything similar, and highly-anticipated by fans and competitors too.

La Perla celebrate their 60th anniversary with the new book La Perla: Lingerie and Desire

Lingerie & Desire – the book released to mark the company’s upcoming 60th anniversary, brings together many of the great images used to promote the brand since the early 1960s.

There are works of great lensmen such as Alastair Taylor Young, Marino Parisotto, Michelangelo Di Battista, Vincent Peters, Nadir, Macro Emili and Mary Rozz, as well as a history and appreciation of the brand written by La Perla’s former magazine editor Isabella Cardinali.

Lingerie & Desire is dedicated to La Perla founder Ada Masotti, a corset maker who launched the label back in 1954 at a time when the revolution in women’s lingerie was just getting launched.

Lingerie & Desire ($85) is published by Rizzoli New York and scheduled for release on Oct. 23. It’s available at La Perla boutiques, a few of bookstores and La Perla’s online shop, and you can pre-order it for a discount price of $53.55 on Amazon.



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