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Kim Kardashian Shows Lingerie for Christmas Eve

Kim Kardashian showed what women should look like when going to bed on Christmas eve. The reality TV star Kim Kardashian wanted people to believe that she always looks hot even when going to sleep.

Category: Lingerie news December 27th, 2011
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Kim Kardashian Shows Lingerie for Christmas Eve

Recently divorced 31-year-old celebrity Kim Kardashian posted sexy pics of her wearing pink satin pajamas along with black lacy bra on her Twitter early in the morning after Christmas eve and accompanied them with comment “silk jammies….ready for bed!”

Unlike usual women that used to remove all the make up from their face and let their hair down, Kim Kardashian has a gorgeous fresh make up on her face with perfectly coiffed hair while she poses against white background. Moreover, despite the fact that the photo was “supposedly” taken a day before it was posted, it is obvious that it is professionally retouched.

Kim Kardashian Shows Lingerie for Christmas Eve

Do you actually believe that Kim looks like that every time she goes to bed? I don’t think so. But this is Kim Kardashian- the master of spectacle and shows, she just cannot live without attracting people’s attention and these pics brought her some more.

Last night she also wrote to her followers:

I hope all of your holiday wishes come true & santa fills your heart & tree w every goodie u can imagine! Don’t forget 2leave cookies & milk.’’


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