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Katie Holmes Spent $15 000 On Lingerie To Celebrate Her Divorce From Tom Cruise

Category: Lingerie news August 29th, 2012
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Katie Holmes, who is now a single woman again, has every right to be happy. And while she is not ready for a new relationship, she is quite ready for refreshing her wardrobe (which is the first sign of willingness of staring a new life!). The actress decided to begin from lingerie. According to an insider, Katie spent over $15 000 for lingerie and undergarments, and a lot more on suits, shoes and other things.

Katie Holmes spends thousands of dollars on lingerie to cheer her up after divorce


A source told National Enquirer magazine:

Katie treated herself to a lavish post-split pick me up shopping spree. She splurged on nearly $15,000 worth of sexy lingerie and undergarments alone. She also bought 15 pairs of pricey Christian Louboutin shoes and went on a tear at Barneys New York department store, buying a closet’s worth of clingy cocktail dresses and power suits to wear to auditions and meetings.

Katie Holmes also visits various ”life coaches” to find a new direction in life and both a good mother and a successful business lady.

The source added:

She wants to show the world who she really is – a beautiful, confident and talented woman balancing single motherhood and a thriving career. ‘Now she’s ready to roar, she’s interviewing life coaches to help deprogram all the crap Tom filled her head with. ‘Katie is willing to shell out whatever it takes to reclaim her fabulous looks and personality and relaunch her career.”


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