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Intimissimi Christmas Collection

From year to year Intimissimi gladden with its beautiful Christmas collection. Moreover, you will understand that lingerie pieces are Christmas inspired from the very first look.

Category: Lingerie news December 12th, 2011
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Intimissimi Christmas Collection

Today nearly every lingerie brand tries to launch lingerie collection dedicated especially to Christmas and Intimissimi was not an exception. But most of that lingerie differs from the rest of collections just by the red color gamma.

There are also plenty of “sexy” Santa outfits available in online stores, but often they look like hallowed party costumes. It is a rarity to find a really beautiful and fashion collection of lingerie inspired by Christmas clichés.

Intimissimi Christmas Collection

The luxurious Italian label Intimissimi is among those few labels that try to do something new for Christmas each year. From year to year the Intimissimi Christmas collection amazes with flirty style as they do for all their collections. For the 2012 collection they produced a few lingerie pieces mostly in red and white color gamma. Intimissimi’s brand ambassador Irina Shayk is featured for Intimissimi commercial in extremely hot lingerie Christmas pieces.

Intimissimi Christmas Collection

Unfortunately it is hard to find Intimissimi somewhere outside Europe. But it may be coming that Intimissimi will shortly launch a e-shop which is going to be a big occasion for its customers. It will be selling on the territory of Italy, Australia and the UK.


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