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Handless model Tanja Kiewitz posed in bra for handicap awareness campaign

Category: Lingerie news October 20th, 2010
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Handless model Tanja Kiewitz posed in bra for handicap awareness campaign

Belgian blonde cutie who was born with disability posed in bra for handicap awareness campaign. The aim of the campaign was to raise awareness of the disability issues and people with disabilities. The campaign was by CAP48, a non-profit organization that works to raise awareness of disability issues.

The advert shows a 35-year-old graphic designer and mum Tanja Kiewitz in black plunging bra gazing and smiling at the viewer. The caption near the shot says: “look me in the eyes … I said the eyes.” That was once done by Wonderbra in 1990s when Eva Herzigova took the same pose to challenge viewers. The advert was placed in Belgian newspapers and postcards.

People often think that handicapped people don’t have a personality, that they are strange people. They have to see that I’m a woman above all and that I can be beautiful and sexy, and the handicap is secondary.

After the huge ad success, which gave an increase to CAP48 fund-raising by ten percent more than last year (more than 4 million Euros) Tanja Kiewitz became a star and started receiving calls from journalists:

I’ve been besieged on Facebook. Mostly the reactions have been great, really positive feedback. I’ve got journalists from around the world calling; it’s been a bit crazy.

Most of the feedback was positive with few people complaining that such image may ruin a solidarity campaign.

It would be good if handicapped people started to be used to advertise other things,” she said. “Why shouldn’t somebody with a disability be a model? It would make a change from those models who all look alike. Why don’t we have more people in wheelchairs speaking on TV, they can speak as well as anybody else.

said Tanja Kiewitz.

The advert not only helped others to change their perception of people with disabilities but also helped Tanja herself to take a new look on her disability:

This has done me a lot of good. I’m a very confident person in my work, my career, but I’ve always been sensitive about my arm. When it comes to stripping off on the beach in the summer, I’m self-conscious about it. That’s changing now. I’m starting to feel proud of my handicap.

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