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Fleur of England Fall/Winter 2012 Collection

Category: Lingerie news April 24th, 2012
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Fleur of England Fall/Winter 2012 Collection

Lingerie brand Fleur of England launched the Autumn/Winter 2012 collection. The luxurious brand tied this collection to Fleur’s 10th Anniversary, which includes 5 stunning offerings: Berry, Kiss, Dotty, Pandora, Tiger and Snow Queen that symbolize 5 features of the Fleur of England lingerie brand: Romantic, Playful, Feminine, Powerful and Luxurious.

Fleur Turner, brand’s designer, said:

I love autumn/winter with its falling leaves and spectacular colors and have taken my inspiration from the essence of these seasons in each of my five collections. Tiger’ has powerful blaze silk and ‘Berry Kiss’ is romantic like an autumn dawns’ dew on blackberries. As the nights draw in ‘Pandora’s’ barely there tulle with exquisite french lace opens a box of sexiness. ‘Dotty’ has all the playfulness of halloween. Christmas is the highlight of winter with its snow, ice and opulence, which is reflected in luxurious ‘snow queen’.”

Collection is already available in 70 worldwide boutiques and exclusive department stores.

Fleur stated:

Additionally, this season we are excited to announce we will be available at designer department store Selfridges and on reputed e-tailer ASOS.”Let’s take a look at Fleur of England Fall/Winter 2012 Collection

Berry Kiss

Fleur of England Fall/Winter 2012 Collection

This collection reflect the short-lived beauty of early autumn berries and tinted foliage. The tones of the rich berry accentuate the beauty of the delicate French vintage lace in rose gamma. The Berry Kiss collection presented the items performed in the Fleur of England signature silhouettes.


Fleur of England Fall/Winter 2012 Collection

Dotty collection stands out from the rest of the collection with the sporty-looking design and untypical for Fleur of England graphic. The combination of black silk and Italian tulle give the body a sexy sheerness. The polka dots on the playful mesh panels look provocative and mischievous.


Fleur of England Fall/Winter 2012 Collection

This collection was creative for women who want to be provocative, seductive and mysterious. Transparent French lace with almost invisible Italian tulle- a perfect combination for a beguiling look. Frame your body with a stunning black silk creating a smooth and sensual silhouette.


Fleur of England Fall/Winter 2012 Collection

The zest of this collection lay in the blaze of the orange color. Tiger striped lace are skillfully combined with the panels of Italian transparent tulle. The elegant mix of blaze silk and gold accessories create the powerful and energetic ensemble.

Snow Queen

Fleur of England Fall/Winter 2012 Collection

Feel the touch of the frosty day with the elegant and luxurious Snow Queen collection. Delicate ivory silk trim with French leavers lace. Interlace gold cord gives the timeless touch.


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