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Emma-Jane Maternity Presented “Pretty” 429 Nursing Bra

Category: Lingerie news November 28th, 2012
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If you are planning to breastfeed, the best time to buy your nursing bras is during your last month of pregnancy. You’ll be accurately measured and should be able to buy the right size first time. You’ll need a minimum of three bras. As our grandmothers say: One on, one in the wash, and one in the drawer.

Emma-Jane Maternity launches 429 nursing bra

With your breasts weighing an extra 750 grams and more than 5cm bigger it’s important to feel comfortable and relaxed. Nursing and pregnant mums should not wear hard underwire bras as they can cause milk ducts to block. But Emma-Jane 429 bra is the exact bra for maternity nursing.

Emma-Jane designer Freda Scholey said:

As we go into the Christmas party season breastfeeding, women still want to feel good about what’s under their clothes as well as on top. The 429 style provides practical, sexy femininity.”

The 429 bra is black with delicate white lace flowers over the cups, which are lined with 100 percent cotton fabric. Two layers of fabric and straps with restricted stretch provide additional support for larger sizes. As with all Emma-Jane nursing bras, each cup has a clip that allows for quick and easy access to breastfeeding. Each cup opens up individually so that, when one is open, the other continues to give support.

Four rows of back eyes allow the bra to grow as a woman’s shape changes during pregnancy. The product can also be used with bra extenders.


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