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Elegantly Scant Lingerie – Desperate Housewives Collection

Category: Lingerie news May 24th, 2011
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Elegantly Scant Lingerie - Desperate Housewives Collection

Inspired by the TV show Desperate Housewives Elegantly Scant Lingerie have created some really gorgeous and sexy lingerie. Lots of lace, vintage floral patterns and fiery frilled fabrics. The collection is full of sexy pieces from tiny string to pyjamas and chemise.

The model who’s apparently is styled after a Desperate Housewife Bree Van de Kamp shows off an extensive collection in a photoshoot set at the house. Depicted doing chores in lingerie model’s channeling her inner Bree and she does that really good.

The Elegantly Scant Lingerie is very exquisite and elaborate as usual. Luxurious fabrics and details were used to produce this collection and it shows in every piece. Lots of lace, mesh and floral vintage detailing combined with modern cuts and styles. Check out more sexy lingerie pieces from Elegantly Scant here.


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