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Curvy Women Prevail

According to the voting results for the face of the Valentine’s Day lingerie range, a 20-year-old Lucy Moore got 22 percent out of 30,000 votes and became one of 10 other girls to star in Ann Summers' TV ad.

Category: Lingerie news January 13th, 2012
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Curvy Women Prevail

As soon as a lingerie brand Ann Summer announced about its “Find a face” campaign in November, generally model-type girls applied. But, despite the worldwide tendency of the slim women in the modeling business, a curvy girl Lucy Moore won the competition and became the first face of the underwear chain’s Valentine’s Day campaign by gaining 22 percent of 30,000 votes. By the way, she was the only plus-size finalist.

The 20-year-old Moore was chosen from over 4,000 contenders and became one of the ten finalists to star in Ann Summer’s first TV ad ever. The TV ad was filmed during the final episode of The Only Way is Essex on ITV2’s.

Curvy Women Prevail

Apparently Moore’s personality, confidence along with sexiness managed to conquer the heart of Ann Summer’s CEO Jacqueline Gold and a 16 size girl was put through to the finals.

Jacqueline Gold commented:

This has been such an exciting campaign for Ann Summers and I was amazed by the amount of entries we received. The campaign was about finding a real woman who embodied our brand and oozed sexiness and confidence. Lucy really stood out for us and we are really looking forward to showing off our new Valentines collection with Lucy taking center stage in the campaign and store windows.”

Curvy Women Prevail

But in order to win the votes from the general public, Lucy Moore went for her own promotional tour. As for building support in own hometown, Moore featured in the local newspaper and stood as a life mannequin in the local Ann Summers store modeling the lingerie line. In order to gain even more support, Lucy wore company’s Miss Claus outfit during the new concept store opening in Milton Keynes.

Moore told MailOnline that she still couldn’t believe own victory though she has always wanted to be a model.

Moore said:

At school I was the biggest girl in my group of friends, so I avoided being teased by being fun and bubbly. Now all of my course mates at university have seen me in my underwear. It’s a bit weird. This has been one of the most exciting things to happen to me and I couldn’t believe I made it into a national modeling competition and have now won; it is beyond anything I could have imagined.”

Curvy Women Prevail

She added:

Hopefully it will be an inspiration to other curvy girls and give them confidence. I kept looking at the other girls and thinking how beautiful they were. I thought any one of them could win it.I want to represent women with a curvier figure and show them that you can be sexy no matter what your size or shape.”

You will be able to see Ann Summers add campaign featuring Lucy Moore in stores across UK on the January 19, 2012.


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