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Crazy and Creative Bras

Category: Lingerie news December 24th, 2010
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We already showed you some crazy lingerie items including bras, and introduced you to Laura Jacobs creative bras. Today we are going to show you some unconventional bras that are more than just average brassieres. These are crazy and creative bras that were designed to serve more than their sole purpose of breast support.

Lumigram glowing LumiTop bras

Crazy and Creative Bras

French design company, Lumigram offers a fashion collection of clubwear made of luminous fiber optics for luminous effect, which has nothing to do with glow in the dark effect. The light is brighter and is perfect for club dancers and other partygoers.

Spiky bras

Crazy and Creative Bras

Spiky bras are the creation of familiar-to-you Laura Jacobs. She started out with making those before her other more artsy sculptures. They first were quite wearable, but people started hanging them on the walls because spiky bras are not for every day wear. Thus how the idea of making lingerie sculptures was born. Laura Jacobs says that she is now not limited by the constraints of wearable lingerie and thus can make her lingerie even more artful.

Scrolling Message Bra

Crazy and Creative Bras

Program the bra and it will spell anything you want the others to know. This Scrolling Message Bra was made by Janet Hansen. At cost of $500 you can get a custom-made mixed message bra.

La Perla Dragon bra

Crazy and Creative Bras

Designed by La Perla Black Label this absolutely stunning bra is made of gold metal, cups are shaped after dragons and connected with black ribbons. That is one creative bra!

Crazy and Creative Bras


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