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Colorful Lingerie Ad Campaigns: Sloggi Spring/Summer 2011/2012

Category: Lingerie news August 23rd, 2011
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Colorful Lingerie Ad Campaigns: Sloggi Spring/Summer 2011/2012

Sloggi Spring/Summer 2011/2012 lingerie ad campaigns are very colorful and lively. The collections include lingerie sets along the swimwear in black, turquoise, red, lilac, orange, blue and pink. Sporty, smooth, and lacy styles are great for summery every day wear and come in plunge bra styles and hipster panties. Sloggi is know for colorful lingerie and campaigns and it’s no wonder its Spring/Summer 2011/2012 ad campaigns are so bright.

Sloggi was founded in 1979 and makes colorful and basic underwear for men and women. The brand’s slogan is “Hello day! Hello Sloggi!” as it’s stands for comfort and quality. Sloggi underwear is the best-selling brand in Europe with the parent company Triumph International it is distributed into over 120 countries.

Sloggi Spring/Summer 2011/2012 lingerie collections are very bright and colorful but the brand also offers briefs, bras and tops in basic black and white colors and they also have an Invisible Collection that promises no VPL and a smooth silhouette under the clothes.

If you like wearing bright lingerie it’s important to take proper care for it and not mix it with white and other light-colored garments when washing and follow the instructions on the labels. Bright garments tend to fade if they are exposed to direct sunlight or simply washed so make sure you are buying quality bright underwear that preserves color after multiple washes and doesn’t contain harmful dyes.

Sloggi Spring/Summer 2011 ad campaign shows off the sets and separates in a range of colors. There are also prints and mismatched lingerie sets:

Sloggi Spring/Summer 2012 ad campaign is less extensive but you get the idea of what’s coming up next season:


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