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Chore by Damaris won Fashion Film Award

Category: Lingerie news October 4th, 2010
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Chore by Damaris won Fashion Film Award

Damaris Evans once said that every woman’s bottom cleavage is great. And it became an inspiration for a film called Chore. Which then has won a Fashion Film Award in Paris for “Best Actress”. The lingerie label Damaris is known for its beautiful racy lingerie that won’t leave anyone indifferent. The short film portrays a woman doing her chores and accentuates her bottom cleavage in luxurious lingerie.

So hurry up ladies, because Damaris is being generous and gives away their popular boyshorts for free if you buy a set from their Autumn/Winter 2010 collection. Sounds great? Just look at all those sexy pieces of lingerie and you won’t regret the deal. This perfect deal is only till October, 15.

Chore by Damaris won Fashion Film Award

As you could figure from above, the woman in the film wears Damaris lingerie while doing the laundry, ironing and doing other housework. The director Justin Anderson explained the idea behind the film as making something sexy and funny that would differ from all that is expected when lingerie is being advertised or shown. Dita Von Teese and Bryan Adams could be seen among the judges, by the way.

Watch Chore at and tell us what you think.


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