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Chinese lingerie company exploits Princess Diana’s image on her death anniversary

Category: Lingerie news September 1st, 2010
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Chinese lingerie company exploits Princess Diana's image on her death anniversary
Chinese lingerie company Jealousy International used Princess Diana’s image to promote their new lingerie line on her death anniversary – August 31. Under the slogan ‘Feel the Romance of British Royalty’ the adverts depict Princess Diana wearing bra and knickers behind the cello holding a bow and looking away at the young child. Royalty? Princess Diana was an icon of not only glamour and fashion but also humanity and philanthropy. Is it not disturbing to think that her image is being exploited to sell stuff on her death anniversary or any other day? I think it is.

Some things just should be held away from business, trade or advertising. To many Princess Diana was a special person, idol and example. Her admirers came yesterday to the Kensigton Palace to lay flowers while Jealousy International presented their new line at Shenzhen airport.

It is a direct exploitation of Princess Diana‘s image, who was so dear to millions in the world and it certainly not the way to mark a thirteenth anniversary of her death, which came as tragedy for the whole world. It is logical to assume that this kind of advertising will have a great effect in the consumption world, however is it OK? Lingerie or any other kind of product – it doesn’t really matter, ’cause in the end it is a memory of a person that stays with his or her close ones and the rest of the world. So why exploit this image and sell stuff using this memory?

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