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Canadian Businessman Donated Briefs to Homeless

Canadian businessman decided to donate underwear to homeless. For this purpose he drove 75 hours across the country to deliver underwear to charities.

Category: Lingerie news December 8th, 2011
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Canadian Businessman Donated Briefs to Homeless

11-hour-drive across Canada- that’s how long it took for a bio-med engineer Brent King and charity web-site founder Robb Price ( to deliver thousands of briefs in 10 cities along their way.

The idea of donating such an intimate piece of wardrobe came in 2009 when in conversation with Calgary homeless shelter’s staff King found out that there was usually a shortage of men’s briefs.

Canadian Businessman Donated Briefs to Homeless

King said:

I thought, what if I could just take care of this one thing? Clean underwear is one of the first luxuries people give up when they live on the street, and it’s one of the first things to restore to help them get their dignity back.”

He also added:

It eventually snowballed into a cross-Canada underwear drive – I offered to deliver it myself if people would donate, and our fundraising got us all the way to Halifax.”

As done with the charity project directed on homeless men, King is working on organizing similar event the next year. Only this time he is planning to deliver 40,000 pairs of underwear.



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