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Cake Lingerie – Let them Eat Cake Collection

Category: Lingerie news September 22nd, 2010
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Cake Lingerie - Let them Eat Cake Collection
Cake Lingerie was launched in 2008 by Tracey Montford, who was inspired to make lingerie for pregnant and breast-feeding women to celebrate their femininity, beauty and sex appeal. During her own pregnancy Tracey Montford couldn’t find maternity lingerie that would satisfy her sophisticated sense of aesthetics. Plain unattractive designs urged her to create something beautiful for pregnant women out there.

What distinguishes Cake Lingerie from other maternity lingerie? It’s sexy, provocative, and colorful. Richly detailed with ruffles and lace in deep pink and burgundy colors Cake Lingerie tries to remind pregnant women that they are sexy and attractive.

Let them Eat Cake Collection is also not only about functionality, but beauty and sexiness. Rich blue color mixed with white and plum red make the color palette of collection. The impressive French Vanilla range in pure white overlaid with light blue antique lace features hipster with removable suspender straps adorned with satin bows. Cute and sexy.

Blue Berry range comes in vintage-inspired print in beautiful rich blue. The bra cups are adorned with blue lace and satin bow in the middle. Complete it with deep blue satin briefs with lace trimming and you’ll feel luxurious as ever. If you want to feel chic in its infinity try Meringue range of stunning jacquard and a cutaway lace edging. Soft, sexy and luxurious.

Plum Pudding save for a special night. Plum red range features beautiful lingerie sets. Lace briefs detailed with cute little bows at the sides will make any night memorable. To feel a little more comfortable try Blue Berry Torte – Robe & Pants range – beautiful, comfy robe and pants in deep blue. Complete your nightwear collection with Blue Berry Torte – Camisole and Shorts.

Check out Cake Lingerie – Let them Eat Cake Collection below.


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