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Buying the Right Sized Lingerie for Your Lady

Category: Lingerie news February 10th, 2012
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If you are a man buying lingerie for your wife/partner/girlfriend (well any female really) it can be a minefield. Being a woman and choosing underwear can be hard enough, so if you are a bloke it can cause no end of trouble. So, what do you need to bear in mind when buying underwear?

Well the first thing to get right is her size that is something you don’t want to get wrong as, not only will you buy something that they can’t wear, but you also run the risk of insulting them if it is either too big or too small.

Therefore, it is really important to get the size right and not guess it. You could ask friends or family or it may be simpler to have a quick look in her lingerie draw – you’ll need her knicker size and her bra size, which will consist of a letter and a number, e.g. 34D. But make sure the lingerie you look at are pieces she has worn before – you don’t want to buy her a size that she was before, especially if she has put on weight.

The other important thing to remember is it is not for you. You may like the look of that skimpy teddy but your wife/girlfriend/partner may not be seen dead in it. Look at what she normally wears and base your choice on that. If you choose a style that she never wears, then the chances are she will never wear it. The same goes for colour; if she doesn’t normally wear red underwear is she likely to now? A good tip when it comes to colour is to think about the clothes she normally wears, if she usually wears black she is less likely to want a white set and vice versa.

If you don’t fancy going into a shop and spend hours looking for underwear then the easiest way is to shop online. has a huge range of underwear, and if you wish you can choose the buy now pay later option. By browsing online you can spend time choosing the right pieces and see what they will look like on real women, rather than just the hanger or a plastic mannequin.



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