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Bra with Pockets

Category: Lingerie news May 8th, 2012
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 Bra with Pockets

Now you don’t have to worry about storing your phone, keys and money
Keep losing your phones, keys and money? The bra with pockets could be a perfect way to keep your belonging safe. The new brand JoeyBra offers the brand-new approach to wearing bra.

From now long it is more than just the piece of underwear that carries the shaping and holding functions, bra has also become an ideal holder for the essential things that any woman cannot go without like the keys, money, credit card, phone etc.

This JoeyBra gives you the opportunity to go anywhere you want and do whatever you wish without carrying the constantly interfering purse in your hands. This bra could hold the small-sized items for you with an easy access.

 Bra with Pockets

It might seem that it is uncomfortable, but it was designed the way that regardless the things you put into the pockets on the sides of the bra, it will still fit and feel the same as before. That is a real godsend for those mysterious women, who have to hide something concealed from everybody’s eyes…

JoeyBra is small company based in Seattle, WA. It was found in 2012 by Mariah Gentry and Kyle Bartlow, who are both juniors at the Foster School of Business program at the University of Washington. They decided to create the bra for those women, who are constantly in motion and struggle from finding the place for their keys, phones, IDs etc.

According to the founders, taking a purse to such places as clubs, bars and gyms is annoying, besides it is not safe enough since purses often get stolen and lost. So, by choosing the JoeyBra, women will never worry about losing their loots anymore.


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