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Blindfold- Secrets of Wearing

Category: Lingerie news April 4th, 2012
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Blindfold- Secrets of Wearing

It is generally known that women are susceptible to sensitive signals such as touches. Women could be easily driven wild by feeling the caressing hand on their ear or down the neck.

Men, in turn, get aroused with their eyes, so the next lingerie set in your wardrobe is more than just beautiful lingerie, it is an investment in your sexual life. So, the playful lingerie accessory blindfold can evoke your sensual beauty, bring intrigue into your image and give you the power of seduction.

Blindfold- Secrets of Wearing

Blindfold have been considered a useless object in the bedroom and was associated with kink. But it is hard to refuse that blindfolds look extremely sexy on women, especially lace ones. The closed eyes take your inner instincts outside and let your perceptions play the leading role in the play of sex. All your senses including touch, smell and sound get instantly heightened.

Besides, add the high anticipation of not knowing what will happen to you next: whether that will be a gentle kiss in unexpected area or a pour of warm wax from the candle. Your partner will be enhanced by seeing you being in ecstasy, gorgeous in your delightful blindfold, wildly reacting on expressions of passion.

Blindfold- Secrets of Wearing

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