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Best Advice On Bad-News-Telling From Gisele Bundchen

Category: Lingerie news September 22nd, 2011
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Gisele Bundchen isn’t only a beautiful girl and the highest-paid supermodel in the world, she is also a wise woman who knows how to manipulate men’s moods. The 31-year-old has recently shot a short video where she gives advice on how to tell bad news to your partner.

In the beginning of the video, which is intended to also promote Hope Lingerie, Gisele Bundchen appears wearing a simple white dress. She smiles and then pronounces: “Honey, I crashed your car.” A red check box pops up beside her indicating that this method is not working.

The video keeps on showing Gisele but she is no longer in that white dress. All she is dressed now in is the hot red lingerie set. She pronounces: ‘Honey, I must tell you something. I crashed your car.” This time the check box indicates that the method is correct. And we have to agree there is hardly a man who could pay attention at your words when you’re in your best underwear!

Gisele launched her own line of lingerie for the Sao Paulo based brand Hope this year. She also showcased it on the runway in May.


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