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Beautiful Bottoms Spring/Summer 2011 Collection

Category: Lingerie news April 7th, 2011
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Beautiful Bottoms Spring/Summer 2011 Collection

Beautiful Bottoms lingerie for Spring/Summer 2011 collection is cute and airy as usual. Colorful prints and flowing fabrics are a signature style of Beautiful Bottoms so you’ll find many smooth-lined designs full of subtle ruffles and frills. This lingerie is made for warm season. It is colorful, comfortable and very beautiful so beautiful you wouldn’t want to hide it under the clothes.

Beautiful Bottoms Spring/Summer 2011 collection consists of several ranges each of which bears a woman’s name. Pam, Stevie, Anjelica, Bridgette, Farrah, Jaclyn and Eddie come in various colorful prints including floral and animal prints. The detailing includes sequins, bows, frills and ruffles. Marie, Phoebe and Pam/Phoebe come in light and dark shades. Marie is a bridal-like range decorated with sequins in white silk. Phoebe is charcoal gray range of elegant lingerie and Pam/Phoebe is a combination of Phoebe’s charcoal gray as a base and Pam’s floral ruffles as detailing.

All pieces are elaborate and flirty. Beautiful patterned fabrics created into various designs make the collection extensive and versatile. From underwear as outerwear to bridal lines you can choose various pieces mix and match them to create an original set that suits your tastes.


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