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Abracadabra Bra Does Marvels To Your Breast!

Category: Lingerie news December 5th, 2011
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Lingerie industry sometimes uses technologies which are even more elaborate than those used in other fashion-related industries. Every season companies try to come up with innovations to both attract customers’ attention and make lingerie better-looking, more durable and effective. The newest achievement has been made by Asda experts. It is a bra named Abracadabra for its magical effect on the look of woman’s cleavage. The new bra promises to boost your bust by two cup sizes and still be very comfortable to wear.

Push-up bras have been known to us for a long time but none of them are as comfy as Abracadabra bra Asda specialists say. The new bra is said to give ‘lighter than air’ feel to its wearer.

The secret of the bra is all in the design. Asda hired a former aerodynamic engineer to invent the new form of underwear which could improve bra characteristics. Antonia Padula, the engineer, filled the bra with an injectable mould that comes as one solid cup instead of being made of separate inserts that move around and often become uncomfortable. This is called the ‘A2S’ technology.


The A2S technology gives a better shape to the breast and it has the push-up effect while remaining discreet under the clothing.

Speaking about their ongoing attempts to be ahead of other lingerie producers George Brand Director Fiona Lambert said:

As ever we continue to strive to be the first to market with innovative and problem solving solutions for both women and men.

The Abracadabra is as magic as its title professes. It enhances, uplifts and enlarges the bust area by two sizes through its remarkable technological engineering.”

Despite the fact the bra is so wonderful it doesn’t cost much, just $9 (£6). The company hopes that abracadabra bra will become a great alternative to ordinary pushup bras which are considered uncomfortable by 15 per cent of wearers and ineffective by 87 per cent of respondents.


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