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20th Anniversary of Bravado Maternity Lingerie

Category: Lingerie news May 18th, 2012
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20th Anniversary of Bravado Maternity Lingerie

Found by the two visionaries that were highly interested in the breastfeeding lingerie, Bravado has developed into the nationally recognized lingerie brand that is popular both among the celebrity and street moms around the world. Today it is celebrating 2 decades of success in producing the maternity and nursing lingerie and support of the system for mothers.

The birth of the brand can be formally counted from the creating its first Original Nursing Bra with a leopard print. Unofficially called “the little nursing bra that could”, this bra passed the test of time and as the years passed it was evolved into the full collection.

Over the years with new innovations and flexible sizing Bravado’s designs have become synonymous with comfort, shape and fit whilst still looking fashionable. After the years of the innovations today Bravado lingerie is associated with comfort, shape and fit. Its designs are really outside the border.

20th Anniversary of Bravado Maternity Lingerie

Bravado’s current collections offers bras for any need a woman might think of: for everyday use, t-shirt bras, special occasion and sleep bras.
Bravado is not only the lingerie brand, but also the competent source of information on breastfeeding that provides the educational, informational and supportive community programs that allow to connect breastfeeding women and support sharing the information.

Kathryn From, Bravado Designs CEO, said:

Our mission has always been to bolster a mother’s self-esteem during this challenging, yet triumphant time of her life. I am proud of our twenty years developing and innovating products in the nursing sector with a clear and committed focus on serving women on their motherhood journey.”

20th Anniversary of Bravado Maternity Lingerie

She added:

As we empower the daughters of our first customers in the next 20 years, we have the unparalleled opportunity to continue to lead and advance the nursing dialog both with products and information – impacting the lives of new mothers for generations to come.”

Bravado maternity lingerie brand celebrates 20th Anniversary


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