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20s Chic in La Perla’s Roaring Collection

Category: Lingerie news July 30th, 2011
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20s Chic in La Perla's Roaring Collection

La Perla‘s Fall/Winter 2011 collection bears chic of the 20s with reinterpreted styles and designs from that glamorous time. The exquisite collection is made of luxurious fabrics, lace with Art Nouveau motifs, feathers and, of course, fringe. The collection received a name Roaring for the revolutionary spirits of the 20s period. Chic designs and styles reflect in sheer tulle and transparency of lace. The contrast of opaque satin and playful lace is one of the key elements of the Roaring collection.

Some designs from La Perla’s Roaring Collection also feature tuxedo motifs to accentuate the vibe of the 20s, a period of androgyny and shift in male and female fashion. Some pieces and sets in Leavers lace look romantic and feminine while other ones (the main pic) look quiet modern with their geometric patterns and contemporary style.

20s Chic in La Perla's Roaring Collection

The chic of the La Perla’s Roaring lingerie collection extends to the outerwear La Perla presents with it. The sheer blouse in tiny polka dot and pleats looks classy, elegant especially paired with Chanel-esque pants. The styles vary from sets to robes, sexy fringed teddies, waist cinchers and lace stockings. The animal print has also made its way subtly into the La Perla’s Roaring Collection combined with black Leavers lace and lace appliques on the cups.

The color palette goes from classic black to sand brown, emerald green and gold yellow. While the black predominates the bright options like beautiful emerald green add charm and chic to the collection. The bra styles and designs are quiet interesting. Unusual cup form, cutout and plunge styles mix in one collection perfectly while panties come in regular and high waist brief styles. The robes come in floor-length style with tuxedo lapels in beautiful shiny satin. Read and see more of La Perla’s Roaring Collection.


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