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Katsia Zingarevich – new face of Victoria’s Secret

Category: Lingerie Models October 22nd, 2010
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Katsia Zingarevich - new face of Victoria's Secret

Katsia Zingarevich also known as Katsiya Damankova is now the new face of Victoria’s Secret. Belorussian blondie who once left the modeling career to pursue higher education and build a family will fill the ranks of Victoria’s Secret bombshells. After Heidi Klum‘s resignation and two models – Miranda Kerr and Doutzen Kroes being on maternity leave it is a timely recruitment.

She became a model at 15 and had a big supermodel future ahead of her with big contracts and magazine covers, runway shows and other collaborations. After moving to Paris and entering university Katsia Zingarevich’s agent has sent her photos to Victoria’s Secret that were already in search of Belorussian model.

Katsia Zingarevich is now a face of Victoria’s Secret cosmetics and has done couple of photoshoots including the Christmas Dreams & Fantasies catalogue 2010. What do you think of Katsia Zingarevich? Will she make a good Victoria’s Secret Angel?


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  1. article spinner Says:

    very informative post. Looking more to something like this

  2. Cheap Bracelets For Women Says:

    These girls do look beautiful I just wish Tyra was still in it that girl could model a trash bag and make it look good

  3. Verna Klecha Says:

    Thanks a lot for sharing!

  4. slushy magic Says:


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