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Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show: the Beginning

Category: Hot spot July 28th, 2011
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Victoria's Secret Fashion Show: the Beginning

the Beginning…

Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show is one of the most glamorous events in the lingerie fashion industry. It all began in 1995 in New York when the show hasn’t yet been televised. The VS fashion show took place before St. Valentine’s Day and had been webcast from 1999 to 2000 until finally getting a broadcast on national television but launching the shows before Christmas. The very first Victoria’s Secret fashion show featured such models as Leilani Bishop, Ingrid Seynhaeve, Magdalena Wrobel, Beverly Peele, Stephanie Seymour, and Natane Adcock amongst others. The models walked the runway in lingerie and clothing without any set design just yet.

Victoria's Secret Fashion Show: the Beginning

Later a creative approach to the show set design, costumes and features like world famous music guests has become the Victoria’s Secret fashion show‘s signature. The whole extravaganza taking place during the show has made it the most expected event in the lingerie industry. Onlookers and the brand’s fans are wondering what Victoria’s Secret has come up with each year.

Costumes and Fantasy Bra

Victoria's Secret Fashion Show: the Beginning

The costumes are extravagant, grand and bright. The lingerie outfits are finished with props and accessories such as huge wings, bows and capes. Each model shows off a character and each year one model gets picked up to wear the Fantasy Bra, the most expensive, bejeweled bra in the catalog since 1996. Each year Victoria’s Secret enlists a world famous jewelry designers to design and create a Fantasy Bra. The cost of the bra varies each year with the most expensive Red Hot Fantasy Bra with matching panties reaching a world record of 15, 000 000 dollars. The bra has been modeled by Gisele Bundchen for the catalog, but not the fashion show. Even though available for sale, none of the fantasy bras has ever been sold over all these years.


Each year Victoria’s Secret invites several world famous music artists to perform live during the fashion show and models’ runway walk. The show has seen such stars as Justin Timberlake, Usher,, Seal, Katy Perry and Akon. In 2007 Spice Girls has performed after their reunion en banc.


Victoria’s Secret has always invited supermodels to partake in the fashion show. Many supermodels such as Tyra Banks, Heidi Klum, Stephanie Seymour, and many others have walked runway for Victoria’s Secret fashion show for several years in a row. Tyra Banks has been partaking in the show for a decade retiring from modeling in 2005.


Each year the Victoria’s Secret fashion show stirs controversy. Since the first televised show the event was described as “pornographic”, the complaints from viewers follow the show each year, yet the show goes on on CBS network with TV-14 ratings.

Here’s the footage of the very first Victoria’s Secret fashion show of 1995:

Victoria’s Secret fashion show gallery from different years:


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