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Top 5 Lingerie Rules

Category: Hot spot September 20th, 2011
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Top 5 Lingerie Rules

Lingerie can not only make us feel sexy but it can also provide support and comfort. So that’s why the right fit is so important. There are also other lingerie rules that were made to make it easier for us to choose the right undergarments for certain clothes and feel comfortable wearing them. Read our top 5 lingerie rules below:

Right Size & Right Fit

Ultimate lingerie rule is the right size and good fit. Know your bra and panty size as well as overall size. Try on pieces before buying and ensure the right fit that they will make you feel sexy and gorgeous. Different manufacturers might have different size charts so it’s important to try things on. The wrong size lingerie can make you feel discomfort and provide an unflattering look.

White Clothes, Nude Bra

If you don’t want underwear to show through the white clothes nude undergarments that match your skin tone are the best to provide that “invisible underwear” effect. Opt for smooth sleek designs without overlaid lace and other textured details.

Proper Wear, Care  & Storage

Lingerie can be very delicate so it’s important to care for it properly as well as wear it carefully. If you want lingerie last as long as possible read our series on lingerie care below.

Match Bras & Briefs

Mismatched sets can be playful and sexy but they are two should be coordinated in style, designs and fabrics, otherwise it won’t work. Read on how to rock a mismatched lingerie set right.

Quality Over Quantity

Quantity has always more benefits that quantity. Quality lingerie is more durable, it’s more pleasant to the touch and it overall looks better.

How to Coordinate Clothes & Undergarments:

Lingerie Care Tips:

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