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Tips on Lingerie care

Category: Hot spot August 14th, 2010
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Tips on Lingerie care

Lingerie is important. It might be everyday or special but it all demands special care. Lingerie with lace panels is very delicate and besides some lingerie costs enough so you have to know how to care about your lingerie to prolong its life. Our tips on lingerie care will help you choose the right lingerie care method and make this routine easier.

Labels. Labels can be helpful in determining how to treat this or that lingerie piece. The manufacturers print labels to make your life easier and they know best whether your bra needs to be handwashed or dry clean.

Careful wash. If labels aren’t available remeber that lingerie is a delicate product and it needs delicate washing. Hand-wash your lingerie in a cold water with mild detergent or soap. Machine wash is not recommended but if hand-wash is not possible wash your lingerie in a washing machine using delicate cycle in cold (!) water. Put your lingerie in a lingerie bag or pillow case for a more delicate wash and clasp your bras to prevent tangling.

Drying. Let your lingerie hang dry, do not (!) use dryer. Also keep your lingerie out of the sunlight to prevent fading.

Hosiery. Traditionally made out of nylon hosiery can be machine-washed and dried in a dryer (with a dryer sheet to prevent static electricity). Use delicate cycle for your tights and they will serve you long time.

Silk. Silk is the most delicate lingerie fabric so you want to handle it with a great care. When washing silky things use a mild soap or a specific wash for silk. Soak your  lingerie in a warm water for 5 minutes and then rinse in cool water. Place your lingerie place it flat on a towel and let it dry. Remember (!): Silk easily fades in a sunlight. Do not scrub or wring it. Even if there’s only a spot on your silk garment wash the whole thing. Do not spray perfume on silk.

Corset is your armor. Corsets are costly. Those with the steel boning can’t be washed very often because it can cause rusting. Instead give your corset in the dry cleaning and ask that it was hand-washed. Also wear your corset wisely to keep washing rare. Wear a thin camisole under your corset. Use a fabric protector before wearing it and clean the corset lining with a damp cloth after wearing it.


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