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Tips on how to look like a lingerie model

Category: Hot spot August 13th, 2010
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Tips on how to look like a lingerie model

It doesn’t matter what shape, size or weight you are if you want to look like a lingerie model. Why? Because all models work on their bodies, know how to highlight and cover up their problem places and know what makes them feel fabulous. And in reality that what every other woman does or at least must do in order to be healthy and feel beautiful. If you want to be beautiful and look sexy just follow some tips on how to look like a lingerie model.

Think it is impossible or very hard to look like a lingerie model? No it’s not. Lingerie models vary – there are skinny ones, plus-size ones, mid-sized models. Lingerie models are not the same as catwalk models; they are curvier, not always very tall and thus they don’t have to sit on extreme diets to look painfully skinny as most catwalk models do. So gain a little confidence and take the initiative because you can do it too.

Healthy diet and fitness. Whether you are skinny or curvy your body should always look fit and tone up. Eat fresh fruit and vegetables. Consult a dietitian trainer if needed in order to put up your personal healthy diet. Physical activity will help your body stay fit and look beautiful.

Skin care. Lingerie models have a glowing smooth skin. Drink 1.5-2 liters of clean water every day because water is organism’s essential component it nourishes cells and gets rid of toxins. You can also nourish and moisten your skin with lotion, cream or oil to make it glow.

You may get a little tan if you want to, but do not overdo it. Ultraviolet rays are harmful for skin. You don’t have to go for expensive tanning procedures in salons either. Simply do a tanning makeup. Choose only good-quality products.

Lingerie and style. Lingerie models know how to emphasize their beauty and hide their flaws. Decide on what you would like to highlight and what to cover up. Considering your beauty and flaws choose lingerie that looks good on you. Determine your bra size and always wear the right size bra so that it would fit and provide maximum comfort and support. Choose beautiful but comfortable lingerie because it is you who is going to wear it.

Color. Remember friendly colors. Black, burgundy, dark purple, brown, or navy draw attention away from the flawed areas. In other cases opt for a color that flatters the tone of your skin. Monochromatic and simple colors have slimming properties. Choose small patterns and prints that won’t attract attention to the problem areas. Use color and prints to emphasize the areas you like.

Fabrics. Choose lingerie out of soft and pleasant fabrics that won’t irritate skin. These are silk, satin and velvet. Lace is a token of femininity and innocence and may adorn your lingerie quite well. Ribbons, little bows and sheer fabrics are very sexy and if you don’t like lace these are great substitutes.

So in order to look like a lingerie model you only have to stay healthy through diet and exercise and learn how to hide your flaws and accentuate your beauty.



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