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Three Sexy Christmas Lingerie Ideas

Category: Hot spot December 13th, 2012
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Christmas is high time of year to spoil your partner and buy them a special treat and today we want to tell you about lingerie to drive your man wild! Sure you know that men are extremely visual creatures but touch is an important part too. They like to see and feel the sexy lingerie and this is probably why they get it so wrong when they buy it for women. When women choose lingerie it always seems like they buy stuff that will cover bumps and bulges instead of focusing on the actual lingerie itself. Oh, yeah, and any man will tell you the best lingerie is the kind you can leave on during sex. Anytime your man has to fumble around to remove your outfit could backfire and make him a bit put off or frustrated. It’s best to select lingerie that can just be tugged aside and left on for him to enjoy looking at during sex.

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The top 3 lingerie ideas to excite your man

Bra and Panties

If you are more the bra and panties type of woman then be adventurous with this too. Red lace, see-through or even nippleless will really excite your man. There is nothing nicer than feeling that lace whilst still being able to suck on your nipples and if you team this sexy bra with some lacy panties to match then heck his Christmas will be perfect.


Sexy Santa Costume

Christmas is nearly hear and that means plenty of great red sexy lingerie. Sexy Santa is so easy to do, red panties (crotchless or a thong), red stockings, and a little red baby doll and your all set. Don’t forget the red high heels though especially if you are wearing stockings. They make the outfit.

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Corset with Matching Stockings and Suspenders

Corsets are great but they are hard to remove all those fastenings on the back can be a little frustrating. If you are a corset lady then might I suggest getting one of the ones that don’t include a bra section. That way you can have a separate bra which is easily removed and still keep the sexiness of the corset. If you are buying a corset why not go the whole hog and get stockings and suspenders too these are really hot and your partner is really going to enjoy trying to open them with his teeth too.


If you want to excite your man using lingerie then keep it simple and enjoy it. If you feel sexy and hot in your lingerie then you are a success. The more sexy you feel the better the result you will have.


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