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Queen-Worth Lingerie by Axami

Category: Hot spot December 2nd, 2011
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Axami lingerie is worth wearing by a queen. Beautiful and luxurious this lingerie makes huge impression on every woman who sees it. Handicraft is amazing: chic embroidery, unusual details, delicate lace.

The lookbook for Axami collection shows us gorgeous girls wearing not only fantastic (I’m not exaggerating!!!) lingerie pieces (everything from panty-bra ensembles to super erotic corsets and stockings) but also attractive accessories including angel wings, headwear, necklaces, bracelets, and gloves.


The Axami collection for 2011 comprises sumptuous bridal sets and lingerie which will spice up your nights. There is hardly an ensemble we could call simple or traditional. Such pieces can be worn on the daily basis too, but normally we keep them for special occasions.

Axami is a Polish lingerie brand that has been producing luxurious lingerie for over 12 years now. The Company has stores and distribution centers all over the world. Besides, they have their own online store that works 24 hours a day to serve their customers.


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