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Pros And Cons Of Not Wearing Underwear

Category: Hot spot June 15th, 2012
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You will be surprised to know how many people prefer not to wear underwear on the daily basis. Some think it is gross while others believe it is quite normal to go without anything down there to almost any place, including office. People have different opinions, but what do doctors say about it? Let’s discuss pros and cons of not wearing underwear.


Pros Of Not Wearing Underwear

  • Skipping your underwear has a few practical advantages. First of all when you don’t wear anything under your dress, skirt or pants, you eliminate visible panty lines (But you can avoid those by wearing a G-string, for example.), which is especially important if you choose to don a very revealing dress (Remember Anya Rubik’s gown at the 2012 Met Gala?).
  • You get better air circulation when you don’t wear underwear. Underwear tends to trap heat and moisture and hold it against your skin. This can result in jock itch in men and vaginal yeast infections in women. (But if you wear cotton underwear this is unlikely to happen.)
  • We know it sounds ridiculous (but for some it can be a big problem!) but if you don’t wear panties you’ll never run out of clean underwear.
  • Many people consider it sexy to appear in public without underwear. Some even compare it with wearing stockings – no one knows about it but everyone supposes it can be true. (Besides, if your man suddenly gets to know you’re pantyless he’ll start burning with desire!)

Cons Of Not Wearing Underwear

  • Underwear has been invented for purpose. It protects us from infections and irritation as well as parasites. Not wearing it can be hazardous for your health.

When you don’t wear underwear, your jeans, pants, capris, shorts, dresses or skirts rub against your skin and can cause irritation and redness. Seams, studs, and zippers can also cause discomfort and damage delicate skin of your genital area.

When you wear a short dress or a skirt you can end up sitting on surfaces which are not very clean. You can get infected with anything including pubic lice — parasites that are usually transmitted via sex but can also live on towels and other stuff.

  • When you wear clothes, especially pants, without underwear you can wear them just once to feel quite comfortable. If you keep wearing them again and again without washing, the fabric will accumulate not only the discharges from your body like body oil, urine and sweat but also odors which you might not smell but other will do. It’s like wearing the same underwear over and over.

Making a conclusion we can say that it’s all up to you to decide whether you want to wear underwear or not. But there are situations when you just cannot do without it. Good luck!


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2 Responses to “Pros And Cons Of Not Wearing Underwear”
  1. Ken Johnson Says:

    Being a man, I would personally prefer to catch a glimse of a pair of sexy panties on an attractive lady, under her short skirt or dress, while she is sitting in a chair or bending over to get a product on the bottom shelf in a store; as opposed to seeing her genital area with a wide open view!
    The mystery of not seeing the genital area and seeing instead, a sexy pair of lacy panties or a thong, is much more sexually enticing.

  2. Issac Maez Says:

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