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Panty Styles To Flatter Your Figure

Category: Hot spot October 29th, 2012
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Is there anything more feminine than a sexy lingerie set? Surely nothing can help a gal feel girly like a great fitting pair of panties. Beautiful lingerie doesn’t always have to break the bank either. Whether you want to go all out, or leave something to the imagination, panties are like shoes—there is a pair for every occasion.

Check out the classic styles of panties to make your figure hot!

The Brazilian Brief

On the scale of sexy, the Brazilians just edge out the French. With far more derrière on display, these panties may be best matched with the eponymous wax. Spice things up with sheer mesh or lace, for a sexy look that still leaves just enough to the imagination.

The Thong

The teeniest garment in your underwear arsenal, the thong is the go to choice for avoiding the dreaded visible panty line. The perfect panty for figure-hugging dresses and white trousers, the thong can be both practical and sexy.
The French Knicker – A somewhat subtler choice for ladies who don’t want their panties to put everything on show. Often, lace trimmed, old-school style French knickers provide ample coverage to flatter the bum, without letting it all hang out. Need to accessorise your undies? Pair your favourite French satin knickers with garters and lace stocking for a vintage vixen look.


Named for the similar looks of men’s boxer briefs or trunks, the boyshort is an incredibly seductive look. Playful, sexy, and comfortable—from what I’m told. Girls love wearing them and guys love seeing them. It’s almost as if the girls are saying they’re good enough to play with the boys but still can be sexy. Just because they’re covered doesn’t necessarily mean that can’t wow you in the bedroom.

The Hipster

Moderate in the coverage department, hipsters are great for everyday comfort. As their name suggests, the wide waistband sits low on the hip, making them the perfect partner for lowrise jeans. Whether classic cotton, slinky satin or ladylike lace, the hipster is the most versatile of panties.


Make no mistake, shapewear doesn’t have to be the same granny panties. Luckily for us, the era of the girdle is long gone. Retro style shapewear can play up your hourglass curves while smoothing any perceived problem areas. Go for extreme waist-cinching glamour a la burlesque star Dita Von Teese, or choose a more conservative, tummy-tucking panty. The best slips and shapewear enhance a womanly figure and make a girl feel glamorous under her dress.



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