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Night in the Town Lingerie Collection by Bellechasse

Category: Hot spot April 12th, 2012
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 Night in the Town Lingerie Collection Bellechasse

Teisha Lowry portrays the night life of megalopolis running through the streets of Melbourne wearing nothing but beautiful lingerie pieces from Bellechasse latest collection. In contrast to her previous photoshoot named The Bright Light of Day, this time the campaign was named the Night in the Town. The both adventurous campaigns were shot by the notable fashion photographer Peter Coulson. Peter Coulson is an award-winning and internationally known Australian photographer.

The photoshoot by Coulson is not just about showing beautiful model dressed in beautiful lingerie, it is rather about the confidence of wearing something extremely gorgeous that is worth to be seen by the people at the streets. Instead of simple demonstrating the lingerie pieces, Peter preferred reproducing in his photos the emotions and feelings that one can have from wearing Bellechasse lingerie.

Besides, Peter added the intrigue to his photos by creating the mysterious air around each image, what makes people eager of finding out the back story of her late adventures. Satin and lace textures combined with animal printing and dressing gowns look distracting on the dark streets of Melbourne, but it seems like that’s what the photographer staked on. The photoshoot was captured in both colored and black and white gamma.

Bellechasse lingerie brand is an Australian answer to the high-end European and UK lingerie manufacturers like Agent Provocateur and Lascivious. It is one of those brands where fashion and fetish, luxury and refinement tightly interfere and blend into the stunning lingerie pieces. Looking at Bellechasse lingerie,  it is hard to resist from temptation of turning the underwear into the outwear since it is too good to be covered from others’ eyes.

Gallery of Night in the Town Lingerie Collection by Bellechasse


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