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Ideas for lingerie shower you’ll never forget

Category: Hot spot November 19th, 2010
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Ideas for lingerie shower you'll never forget

Bridal shower can become an awesome lingerie party or…well, shower. An event you won’t soon forget. Your closest friends give you naughty lingerie while enjoying food and drinks, listening to your favorite music and having fun. But, how make it at all unforgettable?

If you are a host of a lingerie shower think your party through. First of all the guest list. Think about people you’d like to see and spend time with and make cute lingerie shower invitations. For the atmosphere, decorate your room in a boudoir-style or burlesque or in the spirit you like. Boudoir is usually seen in the shoots for lingerie collections. Silk or satin pillows, beautiful couch, lace and feathers will also add to an atmosphere of luxurious lingerie shower neither you nor your friends will ever forget.

Ideas for lingerie shower you'll never forget

You can use colorful stripped stockings, feather boas, and old chandelier as decorations. Flowers will also add lush touch to your room as well as will fill it with a nice aroma. If you don’t like flowers or they don’t fit in your decorated room you can choose to lit incense instead.

Ideas for lingerie shower you'll never forget

You may also lit candles or lamps to add intimacy to the event. Choose the food and drinks that you know your guests will like. It may be champagne or wine with cheese appetizers, fruit and chocolate, cupcakes and tea or anything that is pleasant and nice. There are cakes that are made in lingerie shape very creative and funny.

Ideas for lingerie shower you'll never forget

To avoid getting wrong-size lingerie, add your bra, underwear and overall measurements to your lingerie shower invitation in some creative way. Do not forget to indicate in your invitation that it is a lingerie shower not a regular bridal shower. Also try to make your invitation funny and nice.

Ideas for lingerie shower you'll never forget

Think about favors, which guests will be able to take home as appreciation for their gifts and attention. The best option for favors is something edible like cookies or candies. You can wrap couple of delicious bonbons to each one of the guests or bake cookies in corset shape.

If you host a lingerie shower for the bride discuss with her how she would like her lingerie shower conducted. What decorations she wants. Get her registered to avoid wrong-sized lingerie.

Ideas for lingerie shower you'll never forget

If you are a guest, choose lingerie you know the bride would like. You may split one more expensive lingerie set with another guest if this is the bride’s favorite lingerie label. Learn the colors she likes or go with classic white or black. If you know of the styles that bride prefer go with them as there will be less of a chance your gift ends up on a shelf or returned to the store.


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