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How To Choose Christmas Underwear For Your Man

Category: Hot spot December 20th, 2012
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It’s the holiday season, and that means it’s time to find the perfect gifts and stocking stuffers for the people in your lives. But where do you start? Too often, Christmas gets too expensive and unmanageable for the tight budget or small paycheck. Don’t discount the small things when you are rummaging up and down the aisles for that perfect holiday gift. Your loved ones, if they are truly your loved ones, will like what you give them because it is from the heart and not the pocket book. In particular, if you are a spouse looking for something that could spice up the holidays, you may think of taking a page out of his book and buying something that he can wear everyday or in those special moments behind closed doors. Men’s Christmas underwear make great gift ideas in so many ways that you will get more than your money’s worth.

Here are five things to consider buying men’s Christmas underwear:

Type and Brand

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Type and brand are possibly the most important points when it comes to buying men’s underwear. Every guy likes a different type of undergarment – some like boxers, some like briefs and others like boxer-briefs or trunks. Some like to mix it up and switch between the three. Chances are that, unless you are trying to make a point or unless you have saucy intentions, purchasing boxers for a person who only wears briefs will result in a completely useless Christmas gift. Completely. But it doesn’t end just there…

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Brand is another important aspect, that you need to treat with caution. Two different brands of boxer-briefs may look the same, but trust me, they don’t feel the same or wear the same. For instance, a pair of Hugos and a pair of Calvins, although they may look similar, wear differently and guys tend to stick to their brand of choice for this very reason. While it is important to push people and try different brands (you might find a new favourite), you need to find a balance here when it comes to making your purchase and decide what your intentions are.


It’s not that hard. Small, medium, large or larger? Don’t get this wrong!

Comfort and Fit
Ladies, think of this like a bra. Some men like loose-fitting underwear and others like underwear with good support. Everyone has a different understanding of comfort and you need to make your purchase based on your boyfriend or husband’s preference. Importantly, comfort and fit may have different meanings for different occasions. For example, some men may like sleeping in boxers but will want something with good support when hitting the gym.

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Men’s underwear can come in some pretty bizarre colour choices, but for the most part, the most popular colours are white, black and gray. If you can’t decide on a colour, just pick black. The same goes for both men’s and women’s underwear. You can’t go wrong with black. Oh wait, maybe go for a white pair of underwear if your boyfriend or husband likes to wear white shorts.


Now that you have got the basics right, the next important consideration is occasion. Are you looking for something for private encounters. Every day wearing? How about for sports? Or beach holidays? The occasion will influence the points above, so think through the occasion carefully and let that guide the basics.


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