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Give Your Woman Sexy Lingerie for Christmas!

Category: Hot spot December 13th, 2012
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Just like you wouldn’t buy just anyone lingerie it is essential that you understand this unique gift requires planning and forethought. Your wife or significant other knows the meaning of receiving lingerie as a personal and suggestive gift. Unlike any other garment lingerie suggests that a woman is given this item by a man who has intimate knowledge of her and it is assumed that he will see her in this garment in private where romance is assumed or expected. This unspoken message is offered at the time the gift is received as she is aware that accepting this offering is viewed as acquiescence of these terms. While this is a stilted, stiff description of giving and getting these items but in fact it is true. Society has set these terms and limits as well as we would view giving a sister or even our mothers a gift of erotic lingerie.

A guide to buying your woman perfect lingerie for Christmas

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So you are in a relationship with a woman where giving and getting panties , baby dolls or body stockings is acceptable. Now the burden is to get it right as something rides on your decisions and the quality of them. First it is really imperative that you get the size right as it doesn’t matter much how pretty, arousing or suggestive it might look if she doesn’t wear it and it doesn’t fit. It is difficult to emphasize how important it is to get the size right. Most if not all women often go to great pains to get your size right as they know it is crucial to the gift giving. You likely appreciate that about her in addition to many other reasons but that concern and attention to detail is one small reason you love her. Now is the time to return the favor for her happiness as well as yours.

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Sizing can be fairly simple or very difficult depending on how you approach the problem. Simply put if you pay attention to her sizes when you buy her a birthday, anniversary or holiday gift then this is a simple or non existent problem. If you haven’t you will need to start paying attention by going through her garments and find out her bra, panties, slacks, dresses and shoe sizes. Write them on a card in your wallet and update it from time to time. See how easy that was?

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The next step for buying sexy lingerie is also very important and that is the issue of style. This is the style that she will appreciate, enjoy and wearing over and over. Many men don’t often look at lingerie in this way as they look at lingerie as a perishable as she should wear it for a short time, take it off and let the games begin. This is not to say that many women don’t view lingerie in the same way but don’t confuse that view with the reality that all women want to look desirable, enticing and confident in their lingerie.


If you are going to buy them the skimpiest, sluttiest, or trashiest lingerie you can find because it turns you on then you are violating an essential part of buying her a style she can appreciate not just something to throw on, look nasty and then remove it for your pleasure. Many women will wear revealing lingerie and many prefer not to expose themselves in such a manner. Which one is your wife? Don’t make the mistake of buying lingerie for you when it is supposed to be a gift for her. Buy her a style that is becoming in how it shows off her figure, is a color she loves to wear and hits the sweet spot on how revealing a garment she will comfortably wear. If she has a bit of a tummy don’t buy her something that exposes her tummy. If she has breasts that she is very proud of then buy her a corset or sexy bra and panty set that shows her off. You want her to be proud to wear it not just have her wear it once and hide it in the drawer hoping you will never bring it up again.


One word of caution is concerning buying Christmas lingerie or red items with white marabou feathers. Now it does look hot and bewitching but will she wear it again or does it date itself the minute the holidays are over. Try and anticipate what will have staying power. Consider what items she will really like and what color she will enjoy and red and white are often associated with Christmas. Just because you are buying her lingerie at Christmas does not mean it has to scream the season or holiday. Tell her how much thought you put into it, how you talked to the salesperson at the store or on line and why you bought the garment you did.


She will appreciate the time, effort and money you spent so much more when she knows how you arrived at the decision. What’s in it for you? While that may sound like a dumb question it is surely true that wearing lingerie often leads to romance there is a longer term result you may enjoy. Presenting her with a gift that she knows you bought for her will make her happy and less likely she will demand you take it back. Further if she wants to wear it because it does make her look sexy and enhances her self esteem that is just the icing on the cake. Everyone loves to eat cake!



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