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Fluorescence: Hottest Lingerie Trend in 2013

Category: Hot spot December 28th, 2012
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Well, fluorescent colors were labelled ugly and odd until Carry Bradshow made them trendy when she showed it off under black lights in Season Four! As for lingerie, designer Deborah Marquit blew life to the vibrancy of bold colored underwear garments in her Chantily lace collection last year. The designer whose works got famous after S&C, and who for over 25 years has been using unstandard materials like camouflage print in cotton twill and vinyl with bright palettes and patterns to produce the most visually surreal bras and bottoms on the market says that wearing these fluorescent colors ‘reveres the body pleasing the psyche by reflecting light to and from the body.’


Actress Leighton Meester in Deborah Marquit fluorescent bra

Consider buying fluorescent lingerie – the hottest trend in 2013


So, fluorescence continues to be the main trend in 2013, which is not only used in costumes but also in lingerie design. The sharp fluorescence of acid tones provokes people’s organs, bright and hot, echoing the smell of summer. And the saturated color with lace is not so ambiguous; you can feel the young and energetic cells are stirring inside your body. Lively or modesty depends on the brightness of color tone.


In addition, loungewear is also affected by fluorescent colors while the lively orange just dispels the haze and gives you a good day.


A colorful world can’t miss the wonderfulness of flowers. The floral embroidery on different bright colors makes the lingerie better. The warmly spring emotion releases the positive energy: The lovely beauties begin to dress up from inside.




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