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Curvy Kate’s “Star In A Bra” Competition in USA

Category: Hot spot April 26th, 2012
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British lingerie brand Curvy Kate has now launched in the United States, and it is beginning its tenure in America with a model search for naturally curvy women. Curvy Kate – which, according to its website, offers “D- to K-cup lingerie designed for the fuller bust” – will present an international modeling contract, the chance to become a staple of the brand’s American ad campaigns, and a year’s supply of lingerie to the winner of the Star in a Bra competition. The 2011 winner of Curvy Kate’s identical contest in the U.K. Lizzie Haines said:

I entered ‘Star in a Bra’ to prove I could, and then against all my expectations, I won. The search is a fun, enthused, and eclectic event celebrating life, diversity, and passion. It’s so much more than underwear; it has changed my life.”

British lingerie brand Curvy Kate launches Star in Bra modelling contest in the USA.

As of today, women all around the United States have been given the chance to have their lives changed. The competition, which runs until June 27, will see the top 30 finalists dwindle to ten, and then the winner will be announced on June 29. The entire contest will be conducted through Curvy Kate’s Facebook page, including registration and two rounds of public voting.

Curvy Kate managing director Steve Hudson said:

We use our real customers as models, because beauty comes in all sizes, and women need to see how fabulous a shapely figure can look in well-made lingerie created just for them.”

With successful ‘Star in a Bra’ competitions in the U.K. and Australia, the message behind the company appears to be hitting home with a large number of consumers, just as the Curvy Kate brand continues to grow.

So, ladies, here are reasons why you should take part in this amazing contest:

1. Experience is not necessary. Professional model experience or any stereotypical “model-y” features can be forgotten! For example, the winners and runners-up from Britain and Australia are a beautifully diverse bunch. The annual U.K. version is already under way and looking through the top 10, you’ll see there are plenty of contestants with tattoos, natural curves, kinky hair, etc.

2. The contest helps to find about what full bust figures really look like. Unfortunately, it’s a known fact that there can be widespread ignorance in the U.S. about how bra sizing works and the appearance of a D+ woman. The competition will help change the general misconceptions about this size range and pave the way for a deeper acceptance of curvy bodies.

3. Entering is easy. You’ll only need five photos: two head shots and three body shots in your favorite set or bikini. Then hop on over to the Curvy Kate USA Facebook page and explain why you’d make the greatest new Star in a Bra.

4. The winner gets awesome prizes, including a year long contract with Curvy Kate and a heavenly amount of lingerie gorgeousness.

For more information on the competition, click here.


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