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Bra care dos and don’ts

Category: Hot spot August 28th, 2010
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Bra care dos and don'ts
We have already written tips on lingerie care, but bras have a special construction, which has to be taken into consideration. Cups may lose their form if washed or dried incorrectly. The fabrics may lose their elasticity. In other words bra is a really delicate lingerie piece so the bra care must be performed correctly. Our bra care dos and don’ts tips will help you with that.

Use the three-bras principle to prolong the life of your bras. One bra that you are wearing at the moment, one in the wash and the third is in your drawer. Change your bra everyday to prevent it from losing its shape.

Do hand-wash. Hand wash is the best for lingerie especially when done with care and gentleness. Use mild soap or detergent and cool water to wash your bra. However, if the hand wash is impossible wash your bra clasped in a lingerie bag on a cool delicate cycle in a washing machine. Warm and hot water destroy elastic, while cool water keeps it in shape. Do not twist your bra to get rid of the water as it may damage the cups, use your towel to dry it.

Don’t use Woolite as it is made for natural fibers as wool and is harsh for synthetic fabrics.

Don’t throw your bra in the dryer. Again heat and high temperatures destroy elasticity and bra loses its shape. Let it air dry.

Don’t hang your bra by the straps as it will loosen the fabrics.  Rather hang it by the centerpiece or let it dry flat.

Do store your bras flat, bras need space otherwise they will lose shape. Store your bras in the row not pressing the cups against each other.

Don’t fold your bras cup in cup as it destroys the integrity of the molded cups.

Do use the three-bras principle. Let your bra breathe for a day and you can wear it again. One bra can be worn 3-4 times between washing. The warmth of our body also adversely impact elastic.

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