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7 Sexiest Trends in Lingerie Fashion

Category: Hot spot November 29th, 2011
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Lingerie is out of fashion, it is everlasting. Unlike outwear it is hidden from people’s eyes, it is women’s secret weapon. While looking at the woman it is hard to define whether a femme fatal or a nice nelly is hidden underneath her clothes.

Among all the methods of shopping therapy, purchasing of lingerie is considered to be the most effective way to improve one’s mood and self-worthiness. According to experts nothing else can improve self-perception and private life but beautiful lingerie of high quality with a perfect fit. Choice of certain lingerie pieces reflects our internal perception. We are presenting latest trends in the world of lingerie. If you enjoyed this, you will love the sexy lingerie guide!

Bright colors
Fuchsia, turquoise and coral colors are the most actual colors of the season. Little black details add some piquancy.

7 Sexiest Trends in Lingerie Fashione

Black and beige
This combination of body silk and black lace looks dramatic and a bit vicious. It reminds me of a tattoo on the skin, but much more gracious and beautiful.

7 Sexiest Trends in Lingerie Fashione

Polka Dot print
Black polka dot print looks very refined on a modest beige background even with minimum of decorations.

7 Sexiest Trends in Lingerie Fashione

Flower prints and vintage boyshorts look touching in mix&match combination. Mix&match- combining lingerie of distinct colors and fractures according to own taste.

7 Sexiest Trends in Lingerie Fashione

Beige retro
Corsets in the spirit of grandma’s vintage “grace” and panties with correcting features- a delicate option for fans of classics.

7 Sexiest Trends in Lingerie Fashione

Femme Fatal
For those who love hot staff: black satin and translucent net, imitation of skin and extravagant models that are able to add intrigue and sexual touch.

7 Sexiest Trends in Lingerie Fashione

Exotic prints
Nowadays lingerie is moving away from classical plain predatory prints. Today predators’ prints are not used so literally- a bit of blue leopard and turquoise tiger is enough to express playful mood.

Put on a side split nightie and an adjustable ribbon strap teddy for a sexy lingerie wear.

7 Sexiest Trends in Lingerie Fashione

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