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5 sexiest ways to wear lingerie

Category: Hot spot August 30th, 2010
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5 sexiest ways to wear lingerie
Your lingerie must fit you like a second skin. It should flatter your body type and compliment your beauty while hiding flaws. The fabrics should be soft and pleasant against the body and the colors should flatter your skin tone. There are many ways of wearing the same piece of lingerie and it will still thrill your partner while making you feel luxurious and gorgeous. These are the 5 sexiest ways to wear lingerie.

1. With all above considered, wear your lingerie set omitting one piece of it. For example, forget to wear a bra. Put on your panties, garter belt and stockings, you can add your favorite pumps to that ensemble, of course if they match and not overwhelm it. Ever saw models’ hand-bra? No further comments needed.

2. Add some spicy accessories to your ensemble. Gloves, mask, special lingerie handcuffs or a flirty hat. Be creative and don’t be afraid to use your imagination.

3. Put only a satin or silk robe on.

4. Wear a trench-coat over your lingerie outfit. Your partner will be surprised.

5. Some wear pantyhose with the bra and nothing underneath and it can work if your hose is low-cut and has some ornaments that compliment your bra.


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