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Padded Panties will Make your Bottom Hot

You are envious of bottoms of famous Hollywood celebrities? You want to know the secret of their perfectly shaped butts? Find out what makes their bottoms look amazing.

Category: Correction underwear, Hot spot December 6th, 2011
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Padded Panties will Make your Bottom Hot

What to do if you are lacking natural beautiful curves like Kim Kardashian’s and JLo’s, which are so highly praised today and you definitely want to have some. Majority of woman think that in order to obtain sexy features, one have to sweat out in gym for couple years or at least get implants. But everything is much more simpler and a best-kept secret of Hollywood actresses was uncovered: you can instantly get round and curvy bottom owing to padded panties.

The greatest feature of padded panties is the natural look. No one will be able to define whether you are wearing them or not, but everybody will notice the tempting outlines of your bottom as it will obtain rounder, more symmetrical shape. The padded panties give the natural extension to your bottom.

Padded Panties will Make your Bottom Hot

Padded underwear makes the same wonders as padded bras do with our boobs. The key thing is to find the right padded panties. This butt enhancing underwear come in different styles, types and sizes. Padded panties work perfect with any kind of clothes: jeans, pants, skirts and dresses. In most cases they are made from silicone or foam. Silicone padded panties give more natural look and feel more natural once being touched . Panties made from foam are more comfortable and don’t make women sweat. So, for special occasion you would rather choose silicone padded panties: in case someone would want to slap your juicy butt.

Padded Panties will Make your Bootie Hot

Finding the couple of suitable padded panties should not be difficult: just decide what you would want your butt to look like as there is a big variety of shapes offered today. Also it is important to pay attention to physical features: the good sign are your own perceptions. You should feel comfortable while walking, sitting and staying in padded panties. But the most meaningful feature of the right padded panties that work best for you- your self-esteem going up.


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  1. Josette Says:

    What I find really ironic is how now all of a sudden women who were not born with an backside that was plump, or wide, are blowing money to get padded bottoms to make their a*** larger, plump and rounder.

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