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Look stunning and feel stunning with shapewear

Category: Correction underwear April 16th, 2011
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Look stunning and feel stunning with shapewear

Corsets were designed to create a desired body shape. They squeezed in all the wobbly bits and gave you beautiful curves. However, they were extremely bad for your internal organs and caused very painful side effects. But today we have shapewear that does the same thing, but better.

Shapewear is underwear that sucks you in and firms you up, giving you that ideal streamlined body. It comes in two types: compression and hosiery-based. Compression tends to be along the lines of your traditional girdle and hosier-based is made of stretchy tight fabric similar to that found on tights.

The stretchy firm hold that shapewear provides means you can easily slip them on and off, and do not have to faff with hooks, zips and other annoying fastenings in order to get your clothes on and off. It also makes them far more streamlined, allowing you to wear clothes that hug your beautifully shaped figure.

Look stunning and feel stunning with shapewear

Shapewear is a godsend as it sucks in all those wobbly bits that are so hard to budge, especially if you have had children. The tummy can be a real problem area for many women, so having something that hides the bits you would rather were not seen can boost a women’s confidence so high that they will soon be slipping into their little black dress and feeling far more sexy than they have in years.

Since the introduction of Spanx in 1998 compression fabrics have taken the world by storm. There are now shapewear items to do everything. Items are on the market that increase breast size, or even decrease breast size, there are also items that slim the thighs whilst firming the buttocks, not forgetting those that slim the waist and hide bulges or excess skin on arms and upper back. Shapewear really works, so therefore is here to stay. Visit to check out their great range of lingerie and shapewear to help you feel stunning this Spring.


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  1. Miss Kitty Plums Says:

    I really enjoyed the article and didn’t realise the difference between compression and hosiery based shapewear. Really like the lace body at the top, so nice to see shapewear that isn’t beige.

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