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Lingerie for pregnant women

Category: Correction underwear June 11th, 2009
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Pregnancy is a very special period in a woman’s life. It’s when a woman needs to feel more comfortable, confident and sexy than ever.

healthy pregnancy

Lingerie for pregnant women is, thus, crucially important. To pick the lingerie that’s best for you, there are simple and easy-to-follow tips, and of course, there’s always your doctor who can give you valuable lingerie advice.

Maternity lingerie should meet certain requirements, it must be comfortable meaning not too tight or too loose; high quality and safe, meaning air-penetrating enough.

It’s essential that maternity lingerie is made of all natural materials like cotton or linen.
Now let’s see what qualities every maternity lingerie item should posses.


Choosing the right bra must be one of a pregnant woman’s main lingerie priorities. The right bra is important for both the woman and her baby. Maternity bra should be made of natural materials, if not it can cause nipple crack or allergy and itch.

Make sure your bra isn’t wired as the bones can prevent from normal blood circulation of your breast.
To avoid stretching as your breasts are growing pretty rapidly, make sure your bra has wide elastic straps and several fasteners. The right bra will keep your breast muscles toned.

There are several types of bras for pregnant women depending on the goal. Bras aimed at supporting your breasts usually have wide straps. There are also bras for night wear and postnatal period.
Bra of hydroscopic fabric or cotton is a good choice.


Make sure your panties don’t press on your belly bump and are made of natural fabrics. Synthetic materials can cause yeast infection, allergy, or itch.

maternity underwear

There can be mini panties that go under your belly, and maxi panties that cover your belly as their front part is larger than the back part. Such panties may also have a supporting belt in the back part.
Just like with the bra, you must feel comfortable wearing this underwear item.

Obstetrical binder

Your belly needs support to avoid stretching. Modern binder can be of several types: it can be in the form of high wasted panties, narrow belt-shaped binder with velcro fasteners, or in the form of a belt with microfiber insets.

The aim of any type of binder is to support the belly and your spine. Obstetrical binder is good both for the mommy and for the baby. Consult your doctor when choosing the one that suits you perfectly.


There are tights made specially for pregnant women. They are pantyhose provided with a special belt for the growing belly.

Another type of pantyhose is compressive tights. They help take off fatigue and improve blood circulation. These pantyhose are usually recommended by the doctor if necessary.

Right underwear for pregnant women can help feel good, comfortable and sexy during the whole period of pregnancy.

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